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GATE Exam Examination Pattern | No.1 annd Best Coaching for gate in engineering is Engineers Institute of india.

Exam Pattern


         IES-GATE-PSU’s Examination pattern

GATE Exam Examination pattern


The pattern of question paper depends on the paper code. For GATE Exam examination, pattern of question paper will remain same.


Pattern For GATE Examination Paper for Engineering Sciences

Total = 65 questions                    Total Marks =100 marks.

There are 11 questions carrying 15 marks in XE Engineering Mathematics section paper (Section A), which is compulsory.

·         Questions Q.No.1 - Q. No.7 (7 questions) carry 1-mark each (7 marks).

·         Questions Q.No.8 - Q. No.11 (4 questions) carry 2-marks each (sub-total 8 marks).

Next section contains 22 questions carrying 35 marks. Questions Q.No.1 - Q.9 (9 questions) carry 1-mark each (sub-total 9 marks). Questions Q.10 - Q.22 (13 questions) carry 2-marks each (sub-total 26 marks). Questions Q.17 - Q.20 (2 pairs) are common data questions with 2-marks each. Questions Q.21 and Q.22 (1 pair) are linked answer questions with 2-marks each. The answer to the second question of the pair of linked answer questions depends on the answer to the first question of the pair. If the first question in the pair is wrongly answered or is unattempted, then the answer to the second question in the pair will not be evaluated.

There are 10 questions in General Aptitude (GA) carrying 15 marks which is compulsory. Questions Q. No.1 - Q. No.5 (5 questions) carry 1-mark each (sub-total 5 marks), and questions Q. No.6 - Q. No.10 (5 questions) carry 2-marks each (sub-total 10 marks).

NEGATIVE MARKING: For each wrong answer 1/3rd mark will be deducted. The question pair (Q.21, Q.22) is a linked answer question. There will be negative marks only for wrong answer to the first question of the linked answer question pair.

For Q.21, mark will be deducted for wrong answer. There is no negative marking for Q.22.

In GA section, for Q.1 - Q.5, 1/3rd  mark will be deducted for each wrong answer and for Q.6 - Q.10, 1/3rd mark will be deducted for each wrong answer.


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